Discover in pictures the restaurant Le Montagnard in the heart of the 3 Vallées

Le Montagnard restaurant in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is located in a beautiful stone building, in the center of the village, in the heart of the 3 Vallées.

It has a exceptional terrace with panoramic views of the mountains and the village, as well as a nicely decorated interior dining room, on mountain themes with noble and raw objects. The decoration is unique, authentic, playful, with nods to the old family stable transformed into a restaurant.

Discover the photos of the restaurant below, while waiting to enjoy it around an original meal which revisits traditional Savoyard specialties: entrees, starters, main courses, desserts for lunch et diner.

Photo gallery of the restaurant Le Montagnard in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, in the Savoy Alps

Discover in pictures all the facets of the restaurant Le Montagnard, in St Martin de Belleville. It is an explosion of colors and flavors you will not be able to resist! We have staged different dishes, starters, desserts, ..., such as filet of trout, winter vegetal bouquet, montagnard board with focaccia bread, pesto and local bacon, Mountain burger with fried dippers, revisited lemon shortbread, ... You will also appreciate photographs of the general atmosphere with the indoor dining room and the outdoor terrace. We work with an atmosphericist, Magali Suchet, who embellishes our restaurant a little more each year, in an atmosphere that mixes vintage mountain and modernity.
Enjoy our various photographs taken at every seasons of the year : you will find green summer pictures with colorfull flowers, as well as white winter photos with snowy slopes and white alpine summits.
Quality and emotion are two criteria we are looking for to conquer you. Adrien Morlet and his squad work with local producers, butchers, market gardeners, craftsmen and craftswomen who have the same philosophy of life than us : take the time to enhance our dishes with authenticity, work and passion. Our raw materials and products are worked with great care in order to exhale the original flavors et textures.
We have a partnership with Chez Pépé Nicolas restaurant and farm. Pépé Nicolas is the great grandfather of Valentin and Lucie Suchet, who are the owners of Le Montagnard Restaurant. They both work in both restaurants. Our flowers, herbs and vegetable come from the altitude garden of Chez Pépé Nicolas. The cheese and the milk come from the cows and goats which graze in the summer in the mountain pastures around the Chez Pépé Nicolas farm. A family business with a real family story!